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Do I need a referral to come to The Bouverie Centre?

No. The Bouverie Centre accepts self-referrals. If your situation is complex and/or there are a number of other professionals involved in your family’s care, you may wish to nominate someone else to make an initial call on your behalf. If we think your situation seems appropriate for The Bouverie Centre (after talking with your representative), in most cases it will also be necessary for you to speak directly with an intake worker.

Where do I begin?

Telephone us on (03) 9385 5100 and ask to make a time to speak to an intake worker. He or she will call you back within a few days at the pre-arranged time.

Can I speak with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander worker?

Yes. We have a specialist team of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous family therapists available at Bouverie to see families where any member of the family identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Read more about the team.

English is not my first language. Can you help me?

Interpreters are available upon request.

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What can I expect during the intake telephone call?

Our intake workers are clinically trained. They will ask you about your current situation and why you are seeking assistance in order to determine whether The Bouverie Centre is the best service for you and your family. This usually takes around 15 – 20 minutes.

(Learn more about what we can help with). 

If we are not the right agency for the needs of your family, you will be given the names and contact details of other services which may be able to help.

How long will we have to wait to be seen if we are assessed as eligible for your service?

This will depend on the availability of family appointments. If there are no immediate vacancies, our intake worker will discuss the different options available to you.


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