Family Therapy Training – Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy for Aboriginal Child and Family Workers (Award course)

 The Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy is designed to give students a thorough introduction to family therapy theories and practice, with an emphasis on maintaining sensitivity to families’ needs and experiences. It is the same Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy that is delivered to mainstream students at the Bouverie Centre (La Trobe University), but it also incorporates the Yarning Up on Trauma training, with specific entry requirements and assessment tasks that acknowledge the off-campus and work related needs of Aboriginal child and family workers. Admission to the Course requires that although students may not have an undergraduate qualification they will have worked in, and significantly contributed to, the field for a substantial period of time (3 years or more). Since students are constantly required to integrate learning and practice, preference is given to applicants currently in work contexts that have direct involvement with families. As with mainstream graduates, it is important to note that further training and supervision is required to become a qualified family therapist. 

The aims of the Course are:
  • To understand and use Family Sensitive Principles;
  • To develop beginning skills in family therapy practice;
  • To enhance skills by looking at presenting problems through an interactional framework;
  • To embrace an interactional focus and develop skills in pattern recognition and in identifying the impact of contextual factors;
  • To increase self reflective skills and identify the worker’s role in the system including interactions with agency, colleagues, client and client families, and the broader community; and
  • To adopt a collaborative partnerships approach to work with families. 
The course comprises four units totalling 26 days of face-to-face training. The course is one day per training week over 18 months. 
The course units are:
  • Introduction to Family Therapy A: Yarning up on Trauma (5 days of training)
  • Family Work Skills A (6 days of training on the integration of theory into practice)
  • Introduction to Family Therapy B (3 days of skills based preparation towards Community Forum, and 6 days of skills based training)
  • Family Work Skills B (6 days of clinical supervision and training)
For more information about this course, you can download the 2008-09 Handbook below:
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