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Whilst The Bouverie Centre has a traditional organisational structure with a director and each major program led by managers that make up our executive leadership team, our organisational culture ensures that each program informs and is informed by all of the other programs. This culture, supported by a learning organisation philosophy, creates a high level of co-operation between staff which results in the integrated Bouverie model.

The Bouverie Centre’s integrated model means that our clinical work is also a site for clinical research and clinical model development. These models and research findings are then disseminated via our academic courses and put into practice via our workforce development programs ('Mental Health' and 'Community Services'). Our research team draw on action research methods to help our workforce development teams translate our ideas and models into practice, which helps to improve implementation outcomes. The research findings drawn from this work feeds back into the clinical program and our academic program, keeping them up-to-date and relevant to our colleagues in the field. Our approach is to work collaboratively with our colleagues in the field, influencing and supporting them and equally being supported and influenced by them.

The Bouverie Centre is a demonstration centre within the School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University. Whilst the Director’s line manager is the Head of School, Psychology and Public Health, a management advisory group, comprising representatives from La Trobe University and The Bouverie Centre, provides input and support.

Download a diagram of our organisational structure.


2019 Bouverie Alumni & Friends Celebration

We are excited to announce our program for the 2019 Bouverie Alumni & Friends Celebration which will take place on Thurs, 21 Feb 2019.

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Celebrating the ABI Team’s Work

The Bouverie Centre and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Team invites you to celebrate with us 34 years of working with families and people living with ABI as we conclude the service.

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