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Healthy relationships in families


Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families through relationship focused services.  We engage others using a systemic paradigm to promote healthy relationships and productive change. We conceptualise, develop and deliver high quality and innovative systemic services inspired by family therapy and systemic practices that reflect ‘real world’ complexity. We approach this complexity through the active integration of our major services, which have developed over many years in response to the needs of our client families, partner organisations, key stakeholders and the broader community.

Further informing our approach is the Reconciliation Action Plan developed as part of our commitment to provide a culturally safe and welcoming place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; a learning and spiritual environment; and identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspirations and dreams, and support the development of the collaborative black and white models for teaching and family therapy.

As an integrated, learning organisation, each individual service provided by The Bouverie Centre is enriched by the ideas, evidence and practices of our other services, and by our work with a wide range of service systems, in an ongoing recursive way.

This leads to a model unique to Bouverie and one that emerges as a result of an integrated values-driven organisation informed equally by evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. Building on our friendly and professional culture, Bouverie develops innovative ways to respond to the problems faced by families, enriches existing approaches that are true to our value-base and uses this knowledge to help all families live better lives.

Diagram of Bouverie's services forming an integrated whole.


The Bouverie Centre is a values-driven learning organisation that embraces:

Openness, reflection and continual development
Goodwill, generosity and good humour
Commitment, passion and hard work
The appreciation of complexity and context
Embracing diversity and mutual respect
Flexibility and versatility
Innovation, creativity and discipline
Non-blaming, warmth and directness
Competence, excellence and leadership
Making a difference

Core commitments to our stakeholders

The Bouverie Centre’s core commitments are to:

  • the power of knowledge to transform practice and the relevance of workable models of practice integrating practice-based wisdom and evidence-based research
  • the centrality of working from a non-blaming contextual-systemic understanding to promote constructive change for individuals, families, organisations and communities
  • the dynamic integration of Clinical Services, Workforce Development, Community Service, Academic Teaching, and Research and Evaluation
  • working with the most challenging populations and clinical situations in the areas of mental health, disability, and other related human services to inspire improved outcomes and increase constructive knowledge
  • striving to create safe contexts for individuals, families, organisations and communities to reflect and change
  • actively understanding your organisational culture, acknowledging and celebrating existing good work and being transparent and upfront about our values and our approach to practice change
  • celebrating diversity
  • good governance: managing funds and resources responsibly and effectively
  • living our values


Vikki Reynolds presents Justice-Doing, Collective Ethics and The “Zone of Fabulousness”

The Bouverie Centre is delighted to be hosting an interactive workshop by Vikki Reynolds on how we can be of use in community work that happens in contexts of social injustices.

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Family Violence and Mental Health Services

The Bouverie Centre presented a webinar describing the centre’s work exploring the intersection between Family Violence and Mental Health.

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