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Family therapy provides a safe environment for families and those in close relationship to find ways to sort out worries or problems. While some families come to us to address family issues (e.g. conflict, communication difficulties, etc.), others arrive with concerns about a particular family member. Rather than solely focusing on or treating the individual, we encourage all relevant people in the individual’s life to participate in therapy together. Why?

  • When one person in a family or other relationship is experiencing difficulties, those around him/her are usually affected too. Working with families as a whole can address the impact on each person.
  • All family members can usually contribute to the solution.
  • It provides an opportunity for family members to build stronger and more positive relationships with each other, which can play an important role in an individual’s recovery, as well as benefiting the family as a whole.

An image of a family with a baby in a counselling session.

For more about how Family Therapy can help young people get on the road to recovery watch this short video produced by Biomation Productions.

Family members experiencing particularly complex issues and/or significant distress may benefit from receiving extra individual support from an external service provider during their contact with us. In fact, sometimes this is a condition of receiving services from us. With your permission, we work cooperatively with these other professionals and coordinate our efforts to support you.


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