Self Assessment and Summary

Question 1 of 9

1. Two key principles underpinning the 2014 Mental Health Act are a recovery oriented framework and


Question 2 of 9

2. Under The Act carers must be over 18 years. True or False?


Question 3 of 9

3. Whilst the Act requires that the authorised psychiatrist ensure that 'reasonable steps' are taken to inform the nominated person and carer at particular points during a compulsory patient's care, parts of these functions may be delegated to other team members. True or False?


Question 4 of 9

4. To avoid patients nominating an inappropriate nominated person it is important to


Question 5 of 9

5. A mental health practitioner may witness the written appointment of a nominated person. True or False?


Question 6 of 9

6. Every patient under a Compulsory Order must have a nominated person. True or False?


Question 7 of 9

7. Once established, a nominated person has the option of declining to continue in the role and should advise the patient and the authorised psychiatrist of this decision. True or False?


Question 8 of 9

8. The clinician is legally required to monitor the nominated person role. True or False?


Question 9 of 9

9. Good practice would suggest regular review of nominated person arrangements. True or False?



You have now come to the end of this module. You have briefly explored

  • the key principles underpinning the nominated persons and carer provision
  • the roles of nominated person and carer
  • the requirements of the Act with regard to the nominated persons and carer provisions
  • implementing the nominated persons and carer provisions
  • some possible challenges involved in implementing the nominated persons and carer provisions.

You should now be able to demonstrate the learning outcomes for this module

  1. discuss the relationship between recovery, the involvement of families, supported decision making and the nominated persons provisions.
  2. explain the basic requirements of the Act in relation to nominated persons, families and carers
  3. detail the actions required at relevant points in the care of a patient in order to be compliant with the Act.

The workshops

In the next phase of this training program, the workshops, you will have the opportunity to explore the nominated persons and carer provisions in more detail and discuss any issues and concerns with your colleagues.