The Challenges


In considering implementing the nominated persons provision there will be instances when questions will arise for the clinician, the consumer, family, carer or significant people. It is important that clinicians are well informed and have ready access to additional support and/information when questions arise.

Some issues may be, during the Establishment Phase

  • the consumer does not choose the identified carer/family member as the nominated person
  • the nominated person lives far away
  • the nominated person is deemed unsuitable by the clinician - or others
  • the consumer wants their child/young person to be the nominated person and they are under 18
  • the consumer is not able to nominate anyone as a nominated person

and during the Enabling Phase

  • the nominated person is unavailable when required
  • how the role can be monitored
  • how to get feedback about the role.

Considerations for mental health practitioners working cross culturally with consumers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and from other cultural backgrounds can be found in the Working with Complexity section of the Working with Nominated Persons, Families and Carers under the Mental Health Act 2014: Practice Guide.

The link below will open a table that provides suggested strategies for dealing with these issues. You can download and print the document. It may be a useful sheet to refer to in your workplace. Issues and Approaches PDF