In Key Principles you will review your understanding of Recovery Oriented practice, supported decision making and the relevant mental health principles of the Mental Health Act 2014. The activity will ask you to consider what questions and issues come to mind as you begin this training.

This section defines the roles of nominated person and carer and explains their part in supported decision making. The Activity will allow you to check your understanding of these roles.

This section sets out the requirements of the Act at different points of care. It looks at the requirements for Compulsory Orders, ECT, Restrictive Interventions and Other provisions-treatment decisions, right to communicate and leave of absence The activity will help you check your understanding of what the authorised psychiatrist must do to comply with the Act at different points of care.

This section gives an overview of the establishment and enabling phases of implementation. Processes and practice tips are also presented. The activity asks you to consider two scenarios and think about best practice.

In this final section you will consider some of the challenges and issues that may arise in implementing the nominated person provision. The Activity will ask you to suggest other issues or challenges and to note these down to take to the workshops.