International Single Session Therapy Symposium 2019

Single Session Thinking: Going global one step at a time

Single Session Thinking: Going global one step at a time

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9:00am Acknowledgment of Country (Aunty Esmai Manahan)
Remembering Empty Coolamons (Robbie Latham & Alison Elliott)
9:30am Symposium Welcome (Jeff Young & Moshe Talmon)
10:00am Going global one step at a time - SST world status presented by an international panel facilitated by Jeff Young
  Adult Mental Health Clinical Reflections Unique Applications The Majority World Child and Youth Mental Health
11:30am Single Session Family Consultation: Making Family Involvement Accessible for Individuals, Families, Practitioners and Organisations    

Brendan O’Hanlon & Naomi Rottem (Australia)
How to Be Brief & Single Session Therapy: The vital role of the therapist’s mindset

Flavio Cannistrà (Italy)
Sign Up, Meet Up, Speak Out: Single-Sessions in the Context of Meet-Up Groups

Windy Dryden (UK)
One Group Ericksonian Strategic Hypnotherapy Session for Earthquake Trauma, 4300 Cases Report

Jorge Abia & Rafael Núñez (Mexico) via videolink
FOCUS - Family Oriented Collaboration Utilising Strengths - A Single Session/Brief Intervention Clinic

Helen Mildred (Australia)
12.15pm Single Session Family Consultation: A Single Session Approach to Promote Family Engagement in a Public Addiction and Mental Health Service

Catherine Renkin (Australia)
Sudden vs Gradual Realization: What Zen Teaches Us About SST  

Robert Rosenbaum (USA)
Single Session Approaches with Infants    

Rosalie Birkin (Australia)
Single Session Therapy in the ‘Majority World’: Creating and Adapting Models to Fit Eastern Contexts

John K. Miller (China)
Alfred Child and Youth Mental Health Service: A decade of learnings: how single session and a team based approached works with families    

Denise Fry (Australia)
1.00pm LUNCH
  Adult Mental Health Clinical Reflections Unique Applications The Cultural Context Child and Youth Mental Health
2.00pm A Reflection on 13 Years of Single Session Work in Crisis Assessment Treatment Teams with Clients and Their Families Experiencing a Psychiatric Crisis

Wayne Conron
& Melissa Lowe (Australia)
You Said WHAT?!: Creative Therapy in Challenging Situations

Michael Hoyt & Monte Bobele (USA)
Introducing Single Session Therapy at a Student Mental Health Clinic

Alix Robinson (USA)
Implementing Single Session Family Consultation in the Bi-Cultural Context of Aotearoa

Bronwyn Dunnachie (New Zealand)
Implementing Single Session Family Consultation at CAMHS: The Highs and Lows for Clinicians and an Exploration of Families’ Experiences    

Myf Murphy (Australia)
2.45pm Implementing SST into an Acute Assessment Setting    

Jillian McDonald,
Marianne Wyder
& Paul Hickey (Australia)
Lovely Fusion of a Walk-in Appointment with Single Session Work within a Melbourne-based Community Health Centre  

Dana Robson (Australia)
Chronic Pain and SST: A Singular Sensation?    

Robert Rosenbaum (USA)
Workforce Support CYMHS Network Meeting

Facilitated by:
Paul Denborough (Alfred CYMHS)

Trigger Talks:
Teresa McGrane (Alfred CYMHS);
Myf Murphy (Hobart CAMHS);
Helen Mildred (Eastern Health CYMHS)
Implementing Courageous Leadership in the Fast Paced Work of Walk-in, Single Session, Solution Focused Therapy    

Kimberly Knull (Canada)
  Adult Mental Health Clinical Reflections Unique Applications Eating Disorders The Politics of SST
4.00pm "We must all do this again sometime": Implementation of Single Session Family Consultation in an Adult Mental Health Service in Melbourne    

Christine Chiappini & Kristen Henley (Australia)
Points and Counterpoints:
SST: What is essential, what is not    

Facilitated by: Naomi Rottem (Australia)

Trigger Talk:
Pam Rycroft (Australia)
SST for Gamblers and Affected Others to Explore Themes of Guilt, Shame and Trust, Through Open Communication Considering their Strengths and Hopes    

Bonita Cohen, Gretta Daley & Vicky Northe (Australia)
Family Inclusive Practice with Adults Affected by Eating Disorders: Adding Single Session Family Consultations to Treatment

Carmel Fleming (Australia)
Points and Counterpoints:
The Politics of SST

Facilitated by:
Michael Hoyt (USA)

Trigger Talks:
Arnie Slive (USA/Canada);
Windy Dryden (UK)
4.45pm Adult Mental Health Network Meeting

Facilitated by:
Brendan O’Hanlon (Australia)

Trigger Talks:
Jillian McDonald (Australia);
Wayne Conron (Australia)
One at A Time (OAAT) with Couples - Sweden Style

Martin Söderquist (Sweden)
Open Consultations:
Single Session Therapy

Michael Hoyt (USA);
Naomi Rottem (Australia);
Pam Rycroft (Australia)
Collaborative Meetings with Young People with Eating Disorders and their Families    

Rachel Barbara-May & Paul Denborough (Australia)
Re-visiting a conversation between Moshe, Bob and Jeff

Moshe Talmon (Israel);
Robert Rosenbaum (USA);
Jeff Young (Australia)
5.30pm Cocktails
7.00pm Melbourne Laneways Dinner Trail



9:00am Welcome Back
9:15am Everything you ever wanted to know – and dared to ask!
  Walk-in Services Clinical focus Research headspace Sponsored Indigenous Cultural Contexts
11:00am A Story of Service Evolution: From Zero to 80 Walk-in Therapy Clinics in Ontario

Karen Young (Canada) via videolink
Complex & Challenging Issues in SST Work - 2 Case Studies    

Patricia Boyhan (Australia)
How to Evaluate Your Impact

Steve Patty (USA) via a pre-recorded session

Project Impact Study -The Impact We Are Having on Our Community and the Ways We Were Failing Our Clients    

Kimberly Knull (Canada)
Families at First Sight: Making the First Family Session ‘All G’    

Teresa McGrane
& Ron Findlay (Australia)
xSS = Extreme Single Session: Revolutionary Moments on Sacred Land

Sophia Sorensen (Canada)
11:45am Then and Now: 30 Years of Walk-in SST at the Eastside Family Centre - Trends over Time    

Nancy McElheran (Canada)
The One-Off Project - An Accessibility Approach

Kate Cordukes
& Kelly Tsorlinis (Australia)
Three Perspectives on the Introduction of Single Session Family Consultation at headspace

Brendan O’Hanlon, Suzanne Fuzzard
& Vikki Ryall (Australia)
Working with the Mob: Keeping the End in Mind

Alison Elliott
& James Dokona (Australia)
12:30pm LUNCH
  Walk-in services Clinical Work Research headspace Sponsored Indigenous Cultural Contexts
1.30pm Open Consultations:
Walk-in Services

Monte Bobele (USA),
Nancy McElheran (Canada),
Arnie Slive (USA/Canada)
The HIV Post-Test Counselling Session: Achieving a Positive Result

Kieran O’Loughlin (Australia)
The Impact of Family Support on Parental Wellbeing Following a Young Child’s Diagnosis of ASD: A Pilot Study

Aspasia Stacey Rabba (Australia)
headspace Network Meeting

Facilitated by:
Suzanne Fuzzard (headspace);
Brendan O’Hanlon (The Bouverie Centre)

Trigger Talks:
Simon Casey,
Christie Huggins,
Dominic Talary (headspace)
From Houston to Ahousaht: Single Session Practices Applied in Unique Settings

Adriana Gil-Wilkerson (USA)

Hope in Remote Places: Delivering Collaborative Single Session Therapy in Indigenous Communities in Canada    

Sophia Sorensen (Canada)
2.15pm Single Session Interventions in a Custodial Setting

Erik Meurs & Dani Ashley (Australia)
SST and the 9 Logics Beneath Brief Therapy Interventions: An Integration to Reduce the Complexity of Every Single Session

Flavio Cannistrà (Italy)
Points and Counterpoints:
Research & International Collaborations

Facilitated by:
Siân McLean (Australia)

Trigger Talk:
Ruth Perkins (Australia)
Open Consultations:
Single Session Family Consultations

Brendan O’Hanlon (Australia);
Bronwyn Dunnachie (New Zealand);
Suzanne Fuzzard (Australia)
3.30pm Vox Populi: Key themes and next steps (Jeff Young on behalf of the organising committee)
3.45pm The Hope and Joy of Single-Session Thinking and Practice
Michael Hoyt (USA)
4.15pm Closing Celebrations
4.30pm Close + Post Symposium Drinks (at bar cost)

For a printer-friendly version, download a copy of the abstracts here.

Points and Counterpoints designed to explore cutting edge issues and challenges of implementing single session thinking. Facilitators will host short trigger talks (15 minutes in total) and then promote joint exploration of the issues, reversing the format of the formal presentations.

Network meetings hosted by leaders in the field of headspace (young person’s mental health) and CYMHS (Child and Youth Mental Health Services) have been created to connect people working in similar areas and encourage the sharing of ideas. Open to anyone interested in these areas, facilitators will host trigger talks by different presenters designed to stimulate discussion and will offer processes to support networking.

Open Consultations will allow symposium participants to have one-on-one or small group conversations with experienced practitioners in the three broad approaches highlighted at the symposium: Single Session Therapy; Walk-in-services and Single Session Family Consultations, an approach developed by The Bouverie Centre that has gained significant interest. In keeping with talk-in philosophy you will not need to make an appointment, just roll up and pose anything you would like. An open consultations organiser will triage participant inquiries.


Vikki Reynolds presents Justice-Doing, Collective Ethics and The “Zone of Fabulousness”

The Bouverie Centre is delighted to be hosting an interactive workshop by Vikki Reynolds on how we can be of use in community work that happens in contexts of social injustices.

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Family Violence and Mental Health Services

The Bouverie Centre presented a webinar describing the centre’s work exploring the intersection between Family Violence and Mental Health.

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