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Clinical Supervision

The Bouverie Centre has provided training and consultation in clinical supervision (CS) to Victorian Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) practitioners since 2004, having trained over 300 hundred clinical supervisors from the sector, as well as a number of other health and welfare professionals. 

Bouverie undertook a project funded by the Department of Health during 2008-2009 which:

  • audited and documented existing Clinical Supervision practices in the AOD sector
  • sought to understand the AOD sector’s perspectives on those practices
  • supported efforts to develop and maintain consistent, high quality supervision within services
  • investigated the effects of the Bouverie CS Training
  • helped set up and assisted in the facilitation of supervision-of-supervision groups for graduates of the CS training course

Read more in our comprehensive report on the project.

One of the outcomes of this project was the AOD sector’s declared need for a set of clinical supervision guidelines which would be applicable across all Victorian AOD services. The Bouverie Centre was funded to respond to this need. In 2011, a set of Clinical Supervision Guidelines and companion website was developed following a series of consultations with representatives from the Victorian AOD Sector and a review of relevant documentation and literature.

Lighting Beacons: Implementation of family inclusive practices in the Victorian Alcohol and Other Drugs Sector

In July 2008, the Department of Health funded The Bouverie Centre to deliver a strategy for workforce development in the AOD sector which broadly sought to encourage a shift away from individually focused practice towards the inclusion of family, and other people important in the life of the individual with problematic substance use, as part of core service delivery. The Beacon Strategy aimed to increase the uptake and sustainability of family friendly practices by providing organisations and clinicians with support to translate and embed these practices in their work. Click here for more on this implementation framework.

Across the three year project, 27 AOD agencies, in seven of the eight DHS regions in Victoria, became ‘Beacon sites’.  A variety of organisations and service types participated in the project; some were large, stand-alone and multi-sited AOD agencies delivering a range of services such as residential, outpatient and community programs; other Beacon sites were smaller AOD programs located within broader health settings such as regional and community health services. Significant practice changes were observed amongst the project participants. These changes occurred at a range of levels including:

  • an increase in worker confidence and skills in using family inclusive approaches
  • an increase in the number of family sessions held
  • at least 11 agencies establishing policy and procedure documentation formalising family work as a core practice during the three years, with many more in the process of doing so when the project formally came to a close
  • the identification and introduction of other innovations in the area of family inclusive practice such as opportunities  for family to participate in group activities
  • a family inclusive module for Certificate IV in AOD being developed by RTOs involved in the project in consultation with The Bouverie Centre

Click here for a comprehensive report on the project.

An image of a workshop discussing the vision for Alcohol and Other Drugs and Family services


Vikki Reynolds presents Justice-Doing, Collective Ethics and The “Zone of Fabulousness”

The Bouverie Centre is delighted to be hosting an interactive workshop by Vikki Reynolds on how we can be of use in community work that happens in contexts of social injustices.

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Family Violence and Mental Health Services

The Bouverie Centre presented a webinar describing the centre’s work exploring the intersection between Family Violence and Mental Health.

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