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The Bouverie Centre is regularly approached by large and small non-government organisations for support as they seek to work constructively with vulnerable persons and families trying to improve their lives.

Case example 1

A small community organisation in Queensland engaged The Bouverie Centre to assist them in developing a stronger framework for their service delivery model, and more focused clinical practice. The organisation, which delivers housing, mental health, disability and family focused services, works within centre and outreach settings across several sites.

After consulting with Bouverie, the organisation decided that Single Session Therapy (SST) would help them to make the desired improvements to their service. The Bouverie Centre was retained to deliver a two-day whole of staff training workshop onsite in Queensland. Workshop participants included the CEO, managers and direct service delivery staff. Training was tailored to suit the agency’s context and readiness for implementation, and included focused discussions about how the agency would implement the new initiatives. The ideas generated in the training were later implemented with the aid of regular telephone support from the Bouverie consultant who had facilitated training.

To date, in collaboration with The Bouverie Centre, the agency has:

  • developed a Pilot Project Plan
  • established a steering group to manage and evaluate the implementation process
  • enlisted the support of clinical supervisors to help workers embed SSW in their clinical practice
  • delivered 20 planned single sessions in the context of a newly developed single entry intake point for the service

Case example 2

The Bouverie Centre was contacted by a large multi-sited NGO seeking to build staff members’ capacity to work consistently and systemically with families. This particular NGO provides a range of programs, such as counselling, in-home support, family violence services and housing services to families and communities across Victoria.

After clarifying the organisation’s needs and priorities during consultation with senior management, The Bouverie Centre developed a training package specifically for the NGO’s context. The training was designed to build skill and confidence in working efficiently with families, particularly those with complex needs. A number of workers have completed the training so far, with regular catch-up workshops scheduled in the NGO’s professional development calendar for workers who missed out first time around.

Case example 3

The Bouverie Centre has worked with several university student counselling services to aid them in developing more efficient and client focused service delivery models. Feedback from staff at these services suggests that participation in a 2-day Bouverie SST training workshop, combined with specialised implementation support and consultation, has helped equip counsellors to respond more effectively to their client group, many of whom present for one appointment only.


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