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Clinical supervision is a formal and disciplined working alliance that is generally, but not necessarily, between a more experienced and a less experienced worker, in which a supervisee’s clinical work is reviewed and reflected upon, for the purpose of supporting workers to deliver a better quality, more confident and creative service to clients. By contrast, managerial supervision almost exclusively focuses on meeting organisational demands and expectations. In this case, the emphasis is on outcomes rather than the process of doing the work (Amies & Weir, 2007).

Clinical supervision is a crucial aspect of clinical governance, raising the level of accountability within organisations, ensuring client welfare, and supporting clinical staff as they carry out increasingly difficult work. It is a skill in and of itself that must be developed and maintained. Organisations developing a clinical supervision framework are well advised to source training for their existing staff, or to outsource delivery of clinical supervision to trained, experienced supervisors.

An image of students in the observation room studying a counselling session in the adjacent room.

Method of clinical supervision known as 'live supervision'


Vikki Reynolds presents Justice-Doing, Collective Ethics and The “Zone of Fabulousness”

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The Bouverie Centre presented a webinar describing the centre’s work exploring the intersection between Family Violence and Mental Health.

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