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Many people seeking help from health and welfare services are likely to have co-occurring conditions (a dual diagnosis); conditions which are frequently entwined in complex ways. Care for this cohort is typically delivered by multiple providers. Without a co-ordinated service response, clients with multiple and interrelated needs can easily ‘fall through the cracks’ of the service system, placing their recovery in jeopardy.

Collaboration between different providers is difficult, especially where service sectors are strictly divided. Bridging separations between treatment providers within and between sectors takes time and purposeful effort. Whilst the Commonwealth and Victorian governments have expressed support for overcoming the limitations of a siloed service system, formal protocols alone are insufficient. Productive working relationships must be formed at several levels between organisations.

Drawing on practical experience, systemic thinking, and the available literature, The Bouverie Centre seeks to assist practitioners, teams and organisations working across sectors to create clinically effective and meaningful linkages. For instance, in a previous project designed to promote cross sector collaboration, The Bouverie Centre delivered joint training and development activities to practitioners from four different sectors. Mutual respect and trust in clinical competence (often pre cursors for collaboration) began to form as participants met together for the shared goal of improving their practice and outcomes for clients.

10 basic principles to collaboration [PDF 79kb].


Vikki Reynolds presents Justice-Doing, Collective Ethics and The “Zone of Fabulousness”

The Bouverie Centre is delighted to be hosting an interactive workshop by Vikki Reynolds on how we can be of use in community work that happens in contexts of social injustices.

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Family Violence and Mental Health Services

The Bouverie Centre presented a webinar describing the centre’s work exploring the intersection between Family Violence and Mental Health.

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