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Why enrol?

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Top six reasons for enrolling in the Postgraduate Certificate in Family Therapy for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Workers

1. The majority of people in the course are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and/or part of Community.                                                                      

2. Training takes place within students’ Community, but away from their workplaces to give them the opportunity to be free from interruptions.

3. Training is delivered by two trainers, both are family therapy trained; one is Aboriginal and the other non-Aboriginal.                                                            

4. The program is culturally safe for all; students and trainers.                          

5. Students are encouraged to participate in practical exercises and apply the teaching to real life scenarios from their workplaces.                                               

6. A high percentage of students successfully complete their studies. Some have gone on to accept positions with greater responsibility. Some are pursuing further university study.

Download a copy of “Report on the Third Training Cohort Gippsland 2010” which describes the outcomes and recommendations arising from the successful completion of three rounds of training.

There is a hand in glove fit between family therapy’s guiding values and principles and those of Indigenous Community. ~ Quote from a Graduate’s Spoken Word Essay


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