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To make an appointment

Call us on (03) 9385 5100 and ask to speak with our Intake Worker.

What do we mean by family healing or therapeutic family work?

  • We work with families to help them resolve worries that are affecting the whole family or individuals within the family
  • We avoid blaming any one family member for the problems
  • We listen to all family members and encourage them to talk through problems in ways that help make their family relationships stronger and more open
  • We make sure each family gets a space to work out their own goals

We do not write court reports and we are unable to offer a 24/7 crisis service.

The way that we work

We want this to be a safe experience for you and your family. For this reason, Culture is at the heart of the therapy or healing process.

Who can attend?

Issues presented by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families to Bouverie include:

  • family violence and the often undiagnosed or unrecognised ABI suffered by family members
  • complex PTSD and other serious mental health issues
  • sexual abuse
  • vulnerable children and those living in out of home care
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal grandparents and foster carers caring for Aboriginal children
  • AOD misuse
  • Transgenerational trauma and grief and loss experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with particular issues for Stolen Generation survivors

It is noted that as well as collaborating and intervening with families in relation to the above presenting issues, we are also working on the prevention of ongoing transgenerational trauma. Here we develop resilience, resources & capacity which has a preventative effect on family members and future generations.

Where do I attend?

The specialist Working with the Mob family therapy service can be accessed onsite at The Bouverie Centre in Brunswick (VIC). Due to many Aboriginal families being unable to travel to the Bouverie Centre, the team has responded with a single session family centred (SSFC) outreach model.

What does it cost and how often will we come?

There is no cost to families coming to Bouverie and there is no set number of times you can come. The number of sessions you have is something that can be spoken about with your therapist/s.

Who will your family see when you come for family therapy?

At Bouverie, there is a team of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous family therapists who are available to see families where any member of the family identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. If the family wants to see an Aboriginal therapist we will offer that if possible. 

We strive to create safe places for individuals, families, organisations and Communities to reflect and change.

Please let us know if there is something we can do to make your visit more comfortable.


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